Set on the idyllic and vibrant Isle of Wight in the popular seaport town, Cowes Enterprise College is a new £32 million state of the art academy delivering an education that prepares young people (11-18) to grasp the opportunities and face the challenges of the 21st century. The academy is an integral part of a local, supportive community and a member of the Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) family.

Cowes provides an extensive enrichment programme, an established house system and a successful Sixth Form provision. It blends academic, applied and vocational qualifications with the development of independence, creativity and wider competencies to prepare all students for their futures. 

The staff team and governing body at Cowes are determined to succeed and eager to work alongside an inspirational Principal, realising their vision and drive to deliver a first class, innovative education for all of its students.

The new principal will have the full backing of the community, decision-making autonomy and access to the exceptionally generous and dynamic network across OAT. 

The  Academy strives every day to create an education that sees the young people of Cowes and the community beyond get the very best, not just in an academic sense but also in developing the skill set, confidence, attitudes and aspirations that will provide the catalyst for sustained success throughout their lives. 

Our ambition is:

  • To empower students to become independent and confident with the self-belief that they can influence change;
  • To provide the support and guidance to teach them skills they will need in adulthood and
  • To encourage and develop in all members of the academy, our core values of:
  • Honesty, Empowerment, Awareness, Responsibility and Trust.

Last summer, the Academy achieved one of the best sets of GCSE results on the Island and results show improvements year-on-year for the last three years.  The intake into Year 7 has climbed steadily and the Academy is rapidly becoming a school of choice on the Island.

The current principal has been in post for two years in an interim capacity and has worked tirelessly to bring stability and consistency to life in the Academy post conversion to Ormiston Academies Trust.