Background on OAT

We firmly believe in ‘achieving more together’ ensuring our children and young people have the highest academic, social and practical skills allowing them to lead a successful and fulfilling life. We are determined to become the Trust that makes the biggest difference, both within and beyond the classroom. Our pioneering commitment to raising aspirations and broadening horizons was recently evidenced with the presentation of our enrichment charter at Downing Street in February 2017.  We are committed to ensuring our students develop the confidence, drive and resilience to follow their dreams.

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With a number of ‘Outstanding’ academies, OAT serves over 25,000 students, and their families, providing a complete education. We appreciate and protect the importance of individual identity and decision making, empowering our leaders through independent practice whilst also providing a responsive and reliable support and resource network within the family. 

Our inspirational, forward-thinking and committed Principals are at many different career points. The Trust recognises this and works closely to ensure the tailoring of support, sharing of outstanding practices, Ofsted-led annual reviews and specialist consultancy days. We firmly believe that the next generation of senior leaders are developed within our family, therefore making it our responsibility and commitment to facilitate and realise this vision.

OAT academies benefit from the Trust’s expertise in both a private and public sector capacity. OAT senior officers have extensive educational experience; they have worked for Ofsted and the National College for School Leadership, have led outstanding schools and have been at the forefront of establishing Teaching Schools.  The Trust is now responsible for a network of over 30 academies across the country – from Grimsby to the Isle of Wight.

The Trust is committed to ensuring that our academies are safe places, engaging with the local community (including parents, businesses and other schools) and, most importantly, providing our children with the very best education in a first-class, stimulating environment. 

Website: www.ormistonacademiestrust.co.uk

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